Friday, February 22, 2008

well, well, well

I decided to start afresh and create a new blog, my old one was called musical therapy but it wasn't very successful...but hopefully this one will be! I decided to give blogging another chance since I got inspired to start again by reading other people's blogs and because I could win $100 scholarship from HUE so yep I'll give it one more shot.

In other news, for some reason some lame newspaper called the daily squid reported that the KKK was endorsing Obama and people believed they know...come on people! the KKK??? Why would they turn around and endorse Obama when they specifically stated that they would assassin him? All I know is I hope Obama wears a bullet proof vest 24/7 when he is elected (yes i said when). SI SE PUEDE! You can read all about this craziness about the KKK endorsement here, which is in actuality a pure-tee myth.

I know this is off topic but I'm lovin these shoes! These are my fashion fixation for the moment...


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Ashley "Fashion" Marie said...

fine if no one will post a comment then i will!