Friday, February 22, 2008

Trends, And More Trends

Here are several trends for 2008...

Floral Dresses

I'm not too much of a fan of florals but this one won my heart over...

Dress by Milly. (i love her collections!)

Speaking of dresses...ruffles and frills are pretty big as well as one-shoulder and artsy, big print dresses...shirt dresses seem to back in as well...

absolutley LOVE THIS! I think this may be my new fashion fixation...haha. It's so innovative. =]

De La Vie Ruffle Front Shirt Dress by Paul & Joe.

Fancy tees (love it)

Nightblossom Scarf Tee by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Neck Bows (love it too)

Cute Bow Neck Dress by Madison Marcus.

Gold Buttons (i think those are big pimpin` haha)

I absolutely love this little dress!

Short Sleeve Button Dress by Lauren Moffat.

Unique Clutches (gotta love clutches!)

Red Patent Clutch by Bulga.

...more trends coming soon by the way...well of course.

all photos courtesy of Google and ShopBop.

I feel like there's so much info and so little time to post it all so if anyone has any suggestions for the blog or info that I skipped over, don't hesitate to tell me!

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